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       Yancheng Charles Electrical-Machinery Co., LTD is an export-oriented manufacturing company, specializing in the production of diesel generators, gasoline generators, water pumps, air compressors, sprayers, alternators, spare parts, etc.
        Our products are highly salable in both domestic and overseas markets.
We are keeping up with our old clients, at the same time, new customers are mushrooming all over the world.
       A developing company as it is, great potentialities do exist, excellent service and first-class products are our basic
principles and we are in pursuit of further perfection.
       Yancheng Charles, standing shoulder to shoulder with science and technology!

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   Name:Yancheng Charles International Trading Co.,Ltd.
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TEL:0086-515-88263281 88263529 88263629 88228208
                     FAX:0086-515-88263282 88232601